Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Some people behave badly but are basically good people deep down.  They may lack a filter, or lack awareness of how what they say & do impacts other people. but at the base they are good, honest, decent people.

Some people behave badly because - at their core - they lack character.  They may or may not be aware of how what they say or do affects other people, but in the end they really don't care.  Their biggest concern is themselves and how situations impact them - their egos, their comfort, their position.  They are selfish in almost everything that they do. These people exist in my life every day, from a Major Presidential candidate to volunteers at my kid's schools.  They probably exist in MOST of our lives every day.

There is no excuse - none - for a lack of manners, common courtesy, and respect for others.  Grown adults should know better, and more of us should draw a line in the sand and stop putting up with it.  I read a meme yesterday that said "What you allow is what will continue."  SO TRUE.

Our world lacks so much right now, but just imagine if people started being DECENT?  What if people thought about others before themselves?  What if they volunteered because they care, and not for the glory and recognition that comes with it?

I am getting too old to waste my time on bad people.  I'm not going to put up with it anymore, and neither should you.