Monday, September 27, 2010

What's In A Name

As a semi-permanent Kindergarten Aide, I get to work with five classes of 5 and 6 year olds - a total of about 90 kids. Names are my current fascination. I mean, you usually have 1 or 2 doozies - crazy-ass names that no one would have ever thought of unless they were on crack of acid. But this year, it seems as if the parents were TRYING to make things difficult, not only for the child, but also for anyone who needs to know the child's name.

Exhibit A: Taylor. Lots of kids are named Taylor. Mostly girls, a few boys here and there. But one family CHOSE to name their child "T-A-Y-E-L-O-R." WTF?

Exhibit B: There are 2-3 Chases at our school, mine being one of them. Today, a new student transferred in. A boy named "C-H-A-Y-S-E".

Exhibit C: The new trend is to change "Sophia" to "S-O-F-I-A."

I lean a little out on the weird branch with "Karlin", but still...are these people nuts? It's like someone said "Hey - let's take a perfectly good name and throw some extra letters in there!"

I have more... Madison - we have Madison, Madisen, and Madisyn. Jackson and Jakson. Emeline (Emma-LINE). Dalaney. Rowan (girl). Ronen (boy). Alayna/Alana. Annabella/Anabella. Aiden/Aidan. Sidney/Sydney. Naveah.

I guess every coin has a 2nd side, though. There's an Eleanore, an Ava Catherine, an Elizabeth, a Joseph, a Stephen. A Gabrielle, a Laura, and a Alicia. (Although that last one is pronounced A LIH See A) A Luke, a William, a Gregory. A Julia.

My poor nephews have FOUR names, thanks to their British father. Don't even ask me how they are going to fill our Tests or Driver's Licence Applications or really

No Jessicas. No Julies. No Katies. No Brads or Kevins or Dans.

A sign o the times, I guess...

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