Wednesday, August 26, 2009

No Kids At Home - Day #2

Although I am doing a great job of filling almost all of my time with PTA stuff, not having kids around still takes some getting used to. Especially not having Chase - he's a real chatterbox, and it's weird not hearing him for more than 6 1/2 hours.

In my errand running today, I was having the following random thoughts:

* How sad is it that when I finally have 6 1/2 hours to myself, all I do is call people on my cell phone because I don't have anyone to talk to?

* Cool! Did you know they still sell "Whatchamacallit" candy bars?

* Lady: when your kids are screaming bloody murder for a half an hour and totally ruining the shopping experience for everyone else, DON'T BUY THEM STICKERS AT THE CHECKOUT!!!

* It's amazing to me how doing something that you are really good at makes you feel better about yourself.

* I did not go anywhere near the Coach store today.

* Sometimes it's really easy to open your mouth and eat your foot, even on Facebook.

* Is there some stupid reason why they can't launch the Space Shuttle at a normal hour?

* I will cheerfully beat the child that is teasing my baby on the bus.

* What's worse: getting a tatoo and then losing weight so it looks all wrinkly, or getting a tatoo and gaining weight so it looks all stretched out?

* Did you ever get the weird feeling that your old car is about to go? It's running fine, but something really subtle in the way it runs tells you that it's tired, and it's just about had enough. 111,000 miles in 8 years is a long way to go.

* I saw a TV show last night where a realtor said "all buyers want double ovens." Total bullshit. I don't want double ovens. I don't even want one oven. What I want is a phone for takeout, and paper plates.

* You ever seen that commercial where the guy finds a door in an alley, and he brings it home a sand it and paints it up real pretty? His lady friend (wife, girlfriend - who knows) walks in and says "what's this?" He says "It's a promise - that one day we'll have our own place." Bart says: "Obviously he's unemployed if he's hanging around alleys and has the time to refurbish a door in a day. Maybe they'd actually have a house if he spent that time getting a job." Then he said to me: "Do you want a door?" And I said "What's behind it - a trip to Mexico?"

* Actual conversation last night...part of Karlin's homework was to answer some questions about herself for her new teacher. One of them was "What do other people like best about you?" This really stumped her, so she came downstairs to discuss it with us. I said "I would think the thing people like most about me is how helpful I am." Karlin said "Daddy, what do you like best about Mommy?" He said "I'm sorry - I can't tell you that. It's a secret." So she turned to me and said "Mommy - what do you like best about Daddy?" Without hesitation I said "Easy - his wallett!" (which cracked him up, by the way...) It should be noted here that I did tell Karlin I was only kidding, and then gave her a legitimate answer to the question. I'm not totally irresponsible, you know.

* Some Florida State fan actually attempted to raz me about Tim Tebow & the Gators losing to Ole Miss by a point last season. Can you believe that crap? Did Florida State even play last season? Aren't they on some sort of suspension? Does the coach even know his own name anymore?

* This weekend is my 11th wedding anniversary. My husband got us a new washing machine, and then posted on Facebook "Happy Anniversary, baby - thanks for 11 years of laundry." Funny guy, eh?

* Soon I'm going to start writing down all the funny-ass stuff Chase says. He makes me laugh out loud at least once a day, but whenever I try to tell someone about what he said, I can never remember.

Later Gators! ;)

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Jennifer said...

Low blow on the FSU comments...don't alienate one of the six people who read your blog....

but I love you anyway! :)