Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tasteful VS Tacky

So my husband and I are engaged in a bit of a debate right now. It has to do with Christmas Lights.

You see - I grew up in a tiny-iny little house with not much going for it. But at Christmas time, me, my Dad, and my sister could dress that little sucker up! From the old C9s on the house, to the multi-colored chasers along the front fence, to the giant "tree" made out of multiple strands of lights. The more, the better. And way back when, you couldn't run out to Target and pick up a sign of lights. We had to draw out "Ho Ho Ho" on a piece of plywood, have dad drill holes, and then place lights through each of the holes from the back of the board. It rocked!

Bart's house growing up was a lot nicer than mine. His family usually had the C9s along the roof line, and maybe a strand or 2 of white lights in the bushes. Pretty.

So is there middle ground? The first time I saw that video a few years back of that crazy house with the lights timed to music, I said "I want to do that!" All of those houses you see in the in newspapers where they decorate out their whole yards and have a little walking path so people can go through it all "Oooo and Ahhh"...I want that to me MY house. I am a firm believer that once a year, you should just go crazy with it. Kids love it. Some grown-ups love it.

Bart wants tasteful. He would like to see a simple white and green and red scheme, a little in the bushes. Man did he marry the wrong girl.

I want tacky. Make that TACKY! Currently, here's what I have out:

* 5 strands of white lights edging the front shrub beds
* 2 strands of white and 1 strand each of green and red in the small tree to the left of the driveway
* 1 strand of multi-colored in the large bush to the left of the driveway
* 1 white star hanging from the roof over the garage
* 1 double strand (300 lights) of white lights in the palm tree out front
* 1 double strand (300 lights) of multi-colored lights in the ligustrum bush out front
* 3 strands of multi-colored lights in the front shrubs
* 1 6 foot tall inflatable Christmas Tree on the lawn (it lights up too!)
* 4 double strands (300 lights each) of multi-colored lights draped along the outside of the privacy fence.
* 1 strand of blue lights wrapped around the big palm in the backyard
* 7 strands of white lights in the shrub beds in the back yard
* 2 strands of blue lights edging the shrub beds in the back yard
* 2 multi-colored lit wreaths in each of the 3 front upstairs windows
* White strands of lights edging all 3 of the windows on the back of the house

We also have a tree on the lanai (with blue & white lights), the lanai is edged in white lights (but we keep those up year-round), a dolphin that I can't figure out where to plug in, and an animated white angel that I also can't find a place for.

Of course, it all goes to hell when a) bulbs begin to burn out; b) the wind knocks shit down,; or c) (as was the case last night) the rain shorts out half of my outlets. My only holdup at this point is that I am literally out of places to plus stuff in.

So who are you? Tasteful? Or TACKY!

GO TACKY GO! GO TACKY GO! Once you go Tacky you never go backy!

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amy said...

I want to see pictures of this masterpiece! There's a whole bunch of houses along one street in our neighborhood that go all out like that, and I love driving down that street. Let's face it - when you drive around to look at lights, which ones do you get excited about? TACKY! (I may never be motivated enough to do that much decorating, but I love to look at it).